We hope to see you for berries this week.

Mon. – Sat. 10am to 4 pm   
Closed Sunday  

If you are coming from out of town, please call 815-332-9696, for fruit availability. 



We are a 35 acre family-owned orchard with approximately 5,000 apple trees. You have a choice of either picking your own apples or purchasing pre-picked apples in our store. We do, however, usually pick our own Honey Crisp and they’re also in the store. Also available to pick: rhubarb, raspberries, (both summer and fall), blueberries, cherries, red, white and black currants and blackberries (in the summer),We make our own 100% pure cider – no additives. Slushies are available of course made with our oh- so- refreshing cider. We also have yummy cider donuts, delectable apple pies, really good cinnamon bread, scrumptious caramel apples and to die for fudge. Our store offers many fall decorations, linens, candles, and other unique items for your home. You will find a variety of jams, jellies, salsas, honey, squash, pumpkins, gourds, and much, much more.



We look forward to your visit…a destination where you and your family can make new memories the old fashioned way…one delicious apple at a time!



This is only an ESTIMATE and a range of when the apples will be ready.  
Please call, 815-332-9696, for apple availability especially if coming from out town.

MID-AUGUST:  Early Gold, Paula Red

 SEPTEMBER – (1st Week) Early Gala, Honey Crisp, Jonamac, McIntosh, Haralson  (2nd Week)  Early Fuji, Cortland, Senshu, Snow Sweet  (3rd Week)  Jonathan, Jonalicious, Macoun, Empire, Ambrosia, Pixie Crunch  (4th Week)  Crimson Crisp, Yellow Delicious, Shizuka, Pinata, Ida Red

OCTOBER – (1st Week)  Jonagold, Blushing Gold, Sun Crisp  (2nd  Week)  Rome, Cameo  (3rd Week)  Candy Crisp, Late Fuji, Wine Crisp  (4th Week)  Winesap, Braeburn, Evercrisp

Fruit Availability Schedule


We  have our scrumptious apple cider donuts, delicious apple pies, many flavors of yummy, delectable fudge,  delicious apple -cinnamon bread (without raisins) that make great french toast, oh- so- good caramel apples plus 100% pure apple cider.  We have wonderful muffins and new refreshing apple cider slurpies.  Call ahead and reserve your tantalizing bakery,  if you want to make sure and not be disappointed (especially during the weekends) when we could run out.

(Bakery is only during the fall apple season.)  It will be available usually the last week of August.



Tours Monday-Thursday by appointment.
Adult & Children Tours are available.
Please call 815-332-9696