We offer orchard tours for school field trips and adult groups.
Tours are flexible and can be customized for your group. They usually start with an informational talk concerning apple nutrition, how the apples are grown and general information concerning the orchard. Groups are taken on a wagon ride through the orchard in our new super-duper tour wagon. Sometimes games are played. Children can be given an apple, mini-pumpkin, donut, etc. and will be charged accordingly.

Please call us at 815/332-9696 to schedule your tour. We’re trying to come up with some MORE FUNNER ideas for the tours in 2016. Any suggestions? Remember tours may be customized to each age group – we try to accommodate.

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Mmmm, donuts!!! Available starting this Friday August 26! Don't forget to grab one of our yummy apple pies as well! Early Yellow Delicious, Paula Red, and Gala apples will be waiting in the store or on the tree for you to bring home. And we also have a ton of great tasting yellow and red tomatoes straight from the garden ...

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Available now! Our early apples are ready to eat and waiting for you! Pick up both Paula Red and Early Yellow Delicious. U-Pick will being this Saturday ...

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Now available, Black Berries! Our garden is loaded with huge berries easily as big around as a quarter! Yum.

Pre-picked blackberries are $5.75 a pint
U-pick blackberries are $5.50 per pound

* Our summer raspberries have been picked out but don't worry because our fall raspberries will be ready to pick in about 3 weeks.

** We still have blueberries available but will most likely be picked out by the middle to end of next week.

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